Monday, January 19, 2009

Steps in performing Oartial Ablution

Steps in performing Partial Ablution (Wudu).

  1. Declare the intention that the act is for the purpose of worship & purity.

    Start by saying:

    "In the Name of Allah"

  2. Wash the hands up to the wrists, three times.

  3. Rinse out the mouth with water, three times.

  4. Cleanse the nostrils by sniffing water
    into them by the right hands & then eject the
    water with left hand, three times.

  5. Wash the whole face three times with both hands,
    from the top of the forehead to the bottom
    of the chin and from ear to ear.

  6. Wash the right arm three times up to the forend of the elbow,
    and then do the same with the left arm

  7. Wipe the whole head with a wet hand, once.

  8. Wipe the inner sides of the ears with the forefingers and
    their outer sides with the thumb. This should be done with
    wet fingers.

  9. Wash the two feet up to the ankles, three times, beginning
    with the right foot and then the left foot.

    The process ends with the recitation of the "Kalima-Shahadah"


    (I declare there is no god except Allah and I declare Mohammed is the messenger of Allah)
  10. At this stage the partial ablution is completed and a person who has performed it in the prescribed manner is ready to start his prayer.

    Note: Nullification of partial ablution

    Partial ablution has to be repeated before performing prayers in cases of going to the bathroom. passing gas, vomiting or falling asleep.

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